A-Bomb Nightclub is the fourth mission in SWAT 4 and the seventh mission in SWAT: Elite Force. The SWAT team must secure a nightclub after a heavy firefight broke out between two gangs, fighting along racial lines. Due to the ongoing fire coming from the building, the team enters as soon as possible, limiting the chances of getting intel. However, the hostiles in the building are poorly trained in firearms and thus will aim their gun sideways when engaging hostiles, resulting in lower chances of hitting them.

Entry and Snipers  Edit

The nightclub offers 2 entry points. The primary entry point is through the service entrance. It provides the entry team a harder initial challenge, as they have to clear the stage or the upstairs area to proceed. After those sections are cleared, however, the challenge of the level is reduced. The secondary entry point is the front entrance. It is initially easier than the service entrance, but as the team proceeds, they will encounter stiffer suspect resistance as they proceed, specially at the stage and upstairs area.

Only one sniper is set up on this operation. Sierra 1 is covering a storage room that can contain patrolling suspects.

Tactical ApproachEdit

The primary entry point is the preferable choice, as the team only has to cover one door and a hallway, as opposed to the three doors and a hallway that suspects can use to converge on the SWAT Team from the secondary entry point.

Most of the rooms in the nightclub have more than one entry points, making it essential to either wedge or lock doors (as in the case of the Elite Force mod) to prevent suspects from retreating and ambushing the entry team in other locations. The main tension zones are the stage area, which can be accessed from the primary entry point. There are usually 2-3 suspects in this room with civilians, which means that the room must be entered with dynamic tactics to prevent the suspects from killing civilians, and stop them if they try to. The second tension zone is the upstairs are, which can be easily defended by suspects and the 2 entry points into the room are easily covered. The team must enter using dynamic tactics and deploying grenades to manage to make entry and subdue the suspects. CS Gas is preferable, as it incapacitates the suspects from a longer time, allowing the team to use other less-lethal methods to subdue them. The Riot Helmet unlocked in this mission, as well as the Respirator unlocked on FunTime Amusements can be used with CS Gas grenades to maximize the incapacitation time.

This mission features many incapacitated civilians. On the Elite Force Mod, these civlians are bleeding out, and the team must find them and report them to TOC in a limited amount of time, usually around 10-15 minutes. Failure to report the civlians will mean some of them will turn into DOAs, losing points to the team in the debriefing. Rapid, controlled movement is necessary to find and report all the civilians.

Elite Force ChangesEdit

  • The incapacitated civilians now take into account the "Bleed-out" feature, after a 10-15 minute timer, they will become DOAs, costing the team points.
  • Depending on the area where the doorway is found, respective Make Entry commands were assigned.
  • This map unlocks the Riot Helmet


  • Despite the fact that the briefing implies that there is a firefight going on inside the building, and gunshots can be heard on when entering the area, no suspects fire on each other on this mission. All civilians start already incapacitated, and the gunshots are a sound effect to give the situation a sense of urgency.
    • The active gunshots sound effect can only be heard when going through the primary entry area.

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