The ARWEN 37 is a grenade launcher introduced in SWAT: Elite Force. Boasting a 5-round drum magazine, it is much bulkier than the HK69 Grenade Launcher and can only be equipped as a primary weapon, but it features a Tactical Flashlight. Like the HK69, it can fire a variety of rounds, including Triple Baton, CS Gas, Flashbang, and Sting Grenade rounds.

Like shotguns, each round is fed into the ARWEN 37, one at a time.

In-Game Description Edit

The ARWEN 37 (ARWEN being short for "Anti-Riot Weapon ENfield") was designed by request of the British military for a capable riot control weapon. It certainly meets that criteria- boasting a five-round rotary drum and tactical flashlight, the ARWEN 37 is a solid choice in delivering ordinance. The weapon is heavier than the HK69 however, and is only designed to be used by a grenadier's role.

Performance Edit

The overall performance of the ARWEN is pretty much comparable to the HK69 one, with increased magazine size, but the weight and bulkiness make it unwieldy in CQB. It can be tactially used to surprise enemies and make the grenades bounce to reach otherwise unreachable areas with a simple grenade throw. It is suggested though that the Player carries a lethal sidearm, because when the ARWEN is out of ammunition, it takes a fairly long time to reload, and is vulnerable to ambushes from suspects. For this, it is also recommended that the Player positiones the Team to cover him to avoid getting a game over.

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