The Cobra Stun Gun is a less lethal weapon introduced in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. It is not equipped with a tactical flashlight.

A SWAT unit can use this gun to make civilians/hostiles obey them by giving electricity with it. Using it on already-surrendered or restrained civilians/hostiles will cause an 'unauthorised use of force' penalty.

In-Game Description Edit

The C2 is a dual-purpose less-lethal weapon. It fires small electrodes into the target and then sends a powerful electric charge down thin wires still connected to the hand unit. The electrical discharge causes involuntary contraction of the target's muscle tissue, regardless of an individual's pain tolerance or mental focus.  The effect is painful and demoralizing to even the most aggressive suspects. The C2 can fire darts in groups of four or two separate groups of two. It can also be used in touch-stun mode as a melee weapon. An onboard computer records information on shock intensity and duration, among other factors. The main drawback is the reduced range of the C2 cartridges.

Usage Edit

• The Player can use this weapon when he/she needs to use less-lethal force. In game, this gun cannot kill someone (In SEF, it may cause a cardiac arrest in drug users like the suspects of the Qwick Fuel Convenience Store, or the elderly, like in the mission Sisters of Mercy Hostel ). If suspect or hostage doesn't listen your orders to put their hands up and kneel down, follow these tips:

  1. Use Cobra Stun Gun on not-obeying target.
  2. If the target has a weapon, shout immediately while electroshocking. Check subtitles for a sentence about surrendering or listen to them directly. (a possible and common sentence they will say while surrendering is 'I ain't dying for this shit.')
  3. Restrain him/her the normal way.

• Using this gun while engaging freshly may be risky because of its very low rate of fire and speed between click and shoot. Also, missing with this gun may mean certain death because the player will remain defenseless unless if they make a run for it/take cover quickly. It is not advised to use it while engaging multiple targets as it will be hard to take them out in sufficient speed.

  • When the Player is out of cartridges, he shouldn't consider the weapon useless, becasue by pressing the melee button (B), the Lead will perform a melee stun, that has the same effect as firing a cartridge. Although the main drawback is the need to get up close, and if the Player hasn't cleared the room completely, it may get him/her killed.
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