The Cobra Stun Gun is a less lethal weapon introduced in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. It is not equipped with a tactical flashlight.

A SWAT unit can use this gun to make civillians/hostiles obey them by giving electricity with it. Using it on already-surrendered or restrained civillians/hostiles will cause an 'unauthorised use of force' penalty.

Tips Edit

• Player can use this weapon when he/she needs to use unlethal force. In game, this gun have no chance to kill someone. (further test required.) If a hostile or hostage doesn't listen your orders to put their hands up and kneel down, do these:

  1. Use Cobra Stun Gun on not-obeying target.
  2. If target has a weapon, shout immediately while electroshocking. Check subtitles for a sentence about surrendering or listen them directly. (a possible and common sentence they will say while surrendering is 'I ain't dying for shit.')
  3. Apply normal restrain way.

• Using this gun while engaging freshly may be risky because of its very low rate of fire and speed between click and shoot. Also, missing with this gun may mean certain death because the player will remain defenseless unless if they make a run for it/take cover quickly. It is not advised to use it while engaging multiple targets as it will be hard to take them out in sufficient speed.