The Colt Accurized Rifle is a dedicated marksman rifle that was featured in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. It is unlocked on Fresnal St. Station in that version, and Red Library Offices in SWAT: Elite Force. This weapon is fairly unique for a number of reasons - it is silenced (only the Silenced Uzi and the Suppressed MP5A4 have this quality in TSS), it is the only SWAT/non-suspect weapon to not have a tactical flashlight, it is locked to FMJ ammo, and it features a unique scope which is visible when pressing the Zoom key (default: Z).

Tactical Analysis Edit

Upon first glance, the Colt Accurized Rifle fills a unique niche: a sniper-style weapon that can be used indoors, and not limited to Sierra teams.

However, the CAR has a number of issues which make its use limited:

  • Its incredible Weight and Bulk SEF make it unwieldy in close quarters.
  • It suffers from poor accuracy when on the move.
  • It cannot use JHP ammunition.

For this reason, it does not see use often. However, its scope may be helpful in maps with wide open spaces such as the aforementioned Fresnal St. Station and Red Library Offices, as well as Stetchkov Warehouse and possibly The Wolcott Projects.

Trivia Edit

The Colt Accurized Rifle's GUI image is referred to internally as an accurized AR-15. However, the real weapon is a Suppressed Accurized CR6720.

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