Department of Agriculture is the fourth mission in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate and the thirteenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. Frustrated farmers with a beef against the government's policies on genetically modified crops have taken to bombing the Brewer County Department of Agriculture with Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs. Their plan was foiled when one of the explosives detonated prematurely, causing a fire on lower floors. When firefighters were fired upon, SWAT was called in to address the situation. Now it is time to end the conflict before potentially more lives are lost.

Introduction Edit

Office briefing

Okay, quiet down and listen.

The Department of Agriculture has it local office in the Government Plaza on Geddy Avenue. Approximately 50 minutes ago the building was entered by a group of suspects armed with assault rifles and Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs.

It appears their plan was to raid the office, plant a bomb and then escape, but someone messed up. The bomb detonated prematurely causing a fire on the lower floor. The fire department attended and tried to contain the fire, but they didn’t realize the bad guys were holding hostages on the upper floors. When the fire crew were shot at, they retreated and called local precinct who called the negotiation team.

It seems these guys are local farmers who have a beef with the government’s policies on genetically-modified crops. They appear far better armed than your average farmer. Spotters have reported seeing them carrying M1s and wearing body armor – somebody has sold them their gear, probably the same somebody who sold them the explosives they used.

The negotiators haven’t made much headway here. They’ve traded two hostages for two gas masks, but other than the occasional anti-government rant, contact with the suspects has been minimal.

They haven’t made any direct threats against the hostages but we’re assuming their intent was to empty the building and then destroy it. But considering the clumsiness of their actions so far, we’re not waiting for them to make another mistake and get someone killed.

Choose your gear and ready to deploy.

Entry and snipers Edit

As with any other map, the Department of Agriculture offers two entry points; a main entrance at Side 1 Level 1 and a rear entrance at Side 2 Level 2. Both entry points will inevitably lead the Player to the first of the many bombs that must be defused thereby introducing them to their additional objective of disarming all the bombs.

One sniper assists the officers in this mission. Sierra one is covering the archives and regulation office on second floor at side 4.

Background Edit

Offices Of The Department Of Agriculture is a two storey building plus basement level. It's the department of the US government that administers federal programs related to food production and rural life. The department is a part of the Government Plaza, and the whole building has been built in the 50s of the twentieth century and has been retrofitted several times. The ground floor as well as the second, contains mainly offices such as marketing office, archives, accounting, while the basement level is mainly a maintenance space. It contains some storages as well as car park. There are three entrances to the building, through the main entrance on the ground floor, rear entrance on the second floor, and through the garage in the basement. The department's principal duty is to aid farmers, but it also serves consumers through its food-assistance and food-inspection programs. The ground floor is less complicated than the second and it contains the reception, meeting room and restrooms. There are also three staircases that leads to another floors. The front door leads straight to reception area where employees as well as visitors could register their stay in the building. Also in the reception area there are three doors: to the staircase, to the meeting room and to the hallway. The hallway leads to stairs to the carpark, to the restrooms, to the meeting room and to another stairs - one to the basement and another one to the upper level. The meeting room is just like other meeting rooms could be. It contains one large table with several chairs, TV set, projector and large screen. The second floor is bigger that the ground floor. It contains more offices such as archives, accounting or marketing office. The lounge is rather large and it contains several sofas, armchair and television. It acts like a waiting room for any visitors who are waiting for to be served. There is also rear entrance to the department of agriculture in the lounge. This floor also contains a kitchen for employees where they could eat or drink something during their lunch breaks as well as discuss with each other about their next moves in the agricultural policy. The marketing office is one of the bigger offices. It's main role is to come up with some brilliant ideas about agricultural policy, support for farmers, or encouraging the use natural fertilizers or avoiding harmful substances that could threaten the health of plants and crops. The employees also come up with ideas to improve agriculture by using natural chemical substances that improve plants condition. Another big office is regulation office connected with archives. This room contains multiple shelves filled with various records with legal acts, regulations, reports and other important documents needed for proper function of agriculture in the country. It's also worth to mention about various posters and advertisements inside the Department Of Agriculture. These posters show methods of improving agriculture and people's lives, especially farmers, using better equipment to fertilize the soil. They also show cooperating companies such as Sonmanto but also various facts for example about GMO. The basement level is the smallest of all as it contains car park and maintenance space. The car park is rather big as it contains several parking spaces and one big exit. The maintenance space consist mainly of some storages filled with boxes and other items.

Tactical Approach Edit

The most predominant hindrance that persists in this map is the surrounding absence of light and disfigurement of the objective building. Additionally, it almost appears to be a crossover between two former missions of the original game - The Wolcott Projects for its scarred nature and the Old Granite Hotel for its additional objective to disarm all timed-explosives scattered around the vicinity.

Prioritising on the disarmament of the active bombs in the map may prove beneficial to the Player as it may allow the Player to relieve themselves from the time constraints that they may suffer during the mission.

The Night Vision Goggles that the Player can avail as soon as they ascend to this mission prove to be rarely useful and may also be considered unnecessarily harmful as well since it provides hardly any protection.

Since the Suspected are capable of attempting to flee despite having surrendered, the Player must be able to prevent this from happening if they are unable to cuff them for whatever persistent reason regardless of how hapless the circumstances may be else they may have to sacrifice a suspect by letting him flee. The disfigurement of the objective building especially around the centre often leads to the aforementioned situation to occur. The Player and their team are often left stranded unable to reach the suspect whom they have recently forced to comply successfully who is yet visible in sight but unreachable. In such circumstances the Player must either forsake the unreachable suspect or leave a portion of their team or themselves to watch him while the rest approach the suspect to arrest him.

The effects of the time constraints are sometimes amplified by non-compliant civilians who refuse to cooperate with the Officers. A workaround often includes rescuing the civilians after disarming all of the bombs present in the map.

The map is hardly linear as it would be expected for a mission that is this far into the campaign. Wedging may be advantageous.

Elite Force Changes Edit

  • Restored a cut conversation that may have appeared irrelevant. The cut conversation mostly emphasises on the number of bombs present in the map.
  • Corrected loading screen for the sake of consistency with other missions
  • This map unlocks the SG552 Commando and its suppressed counterpart.

Trivia Edit

  • The playthrough of this map is heavily reminiscent to that of a former mission of the original game, the Old Granite Hotel. This is easily communicated by the fact that there are bombs present in this map.
  • As with every other mission of The Stetchkov Syndicate, the plot of this mission largely binds itself with the plot-lines of the missions both preceding and succeeding it. The Suspected of this mission were obviously offered arms and equipment by the primary antagonistic clan of the game's expansion pack and it is heavily implied throughout.
  • Even though the TOC says that one of the firefighters saw six gunmen carrying the bombs and SWAT officers says that there are 4 remaining (one disarmed and one detonated), there are actually five bombs in the department that need to be disarmed which means there were seven bombs in total.

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Department of Agriculture - Dynamic Basement:
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