The Desert Eagle (known in The Stetchkov Syndicate as the Mark IX Handgun) is a hefty pistol, often donned by suspects. It can fire an impressive .50 Action Express bullet in either JHP or FMJ.

In SWAT: Elite Force, this weapon is only available in multiplayer. In The Stetchkov Syndicate, it is unlocked on the final mission, Stetchkov Warehouse. In Barricaded Suspects with Team Weapons turned on, this weapon is only available to the Suspects team.

While often considered to be superior to the Colt Python in every way as a high-powered pistol, there are considerable differences. For starters, the incredible weight of the weapon makes it impractical to carry more than one or two magazines. It is also inaccurate, especially when firing successive rounds.

It is not equipped with a tactical flashlight.

In the real world, no SWAT team would ever likely carry a Desert Eagle.

Bugs Edit

The first person model of this weapon has many visual issues. Initially, the weapon will be equipped with the slide cocked backwards; after reloading it once, the slide will be cocked in the correct position. It does not have firing animations and the slide does not function correctly. The muzzle flash and shell casings appear from the tip of the player's index finger.

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