The Door Wedge is a piece of equipment designed to block the path of suspects or slow down your enemies in multiplayer game modes.

This item is one of several Tactical Aids that come in 3-packs. SEF

Ingame Description Edit

This specially designed tactical wedge is slid under the door and then activated. The spring loaded action flips up wedges preventing the door from opening from either direction. The rubber coating along the bottom of the wedge increases friction making it extremely difficult to push open with brute force. It can only be removed with a cutting tool reducing the risk of a suspect dislodging the device.

Usage Edit

To use a door wedge, aim directly at the crack beneath the door (preferably directly beneath the doorknob, as other parts of the crack are used for the Optiwand), and hold the fire button.

The wedge can be removed using the toolkit. Take care to place the wedges wisely however, as they aren't refunded once removed.

Tactical Assessment Edit

The door wedge is an often overlooked piece of equipment, as it cannot be used to subdue unruly suspects or civilians. Make no mistake, however, for it is a powerful tool in controlling suspects. Wedges can be used to prevent suspects from fleeing the room, and possibly alerting their friends of your presence.

It can also be used to block patrols from entering behind you. This is especially important on maps such as Drug Lab which feature lots of wandering suspects. SEF