Drug Lab (referred to as Stetchkov Drug Lab in Elite Force) is the fifth mission in the SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate's campaign, and the sixteenth mission in Elite Force's combined campaign. The player is tasked with clearing the Stetchkov Drug Lab after it has been "ratted out" by a rival gang (who is later mentioned, but never appears, in Fresnal St. Station.

This mission is one of the few where suspects may be wearing gas masks.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The primary entrance is the front door, while the secondary entrance is the back patio behind the house. It is possible to traverse the yard to "switch" entrances, however doing so will expose you to suspects who may be in the main lab area.

Generally, both entrances are about the same. The secondary entrance provides access to the basement while exposing the team to kitchen windows.

Sierra One is covering the living room/lounge area.

Tactical Approach Edit

This mission is a sharp decrease in difficulty from Department of Agriculture, but make no mistake: this mission can be hell if the player is not careful. Like the previous Stetchkov map, the suspects here may have gas masks, but there are also explosive gas tanks in some rooms, such as the bathroom, which may make you hesitant to take flashbangs. The main floor forms a giant loop with many small rooms for suspects to barricade themselves in. Additionally, there is a large, open living area with an escape route leading outside that cannot be wedged.

The basement area is a little bit easier to secure, as it forms a giant horseshoe shape. With proper wedging, suspects can be funneled into a small space.

Elite Force Changes Edit

Elite Force adds 7-18 drug evidence bags which count towards the "Secure All Evidence" secondary objective. In addition, flashbangs are much more likely to set off the explosives, and traps are added. Suspects may also wander around the map and are more likely to investigate suspicious noises, so taking silenced weapons is more important.

Multiplayer Version Edit

The multiplayer version of the map has no changes. It's a popular map in Barricaded Suspects due to the close, confined spaces.

Trivia Edit

In the original game, there is no dialogue whatsoever. Two conversations were cut from the original game, which were later restored by Elite Force.

The following conversation may have taken place in the main lab area:

Reynolds: "Christ, what is that smell? That is rank."
Girard: "Urgh. Takes me back to my high school chemistry class."
Jackson: "Reminds me more of college."
It's unknown where the following conversation might have been heard:
Fields: "Yes, I'm looking to buy something that makes my brain bleed and my genitals any of that?"

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