Fairfax Residence is a mission in SWAT 4. As the second mission in the original game, it is actually much easier than the previous mission Food Wall Restaurant, and thus the Elite Force developers elected to place it first.

In this mission, the player is tasked with investigating the house of Lawrence Fairfax, who works at the local university as a carpenter. Some of the women from campus have gone missing, and Fairfax is the prime suspect.

This mission is memorable for its dark, disturbing content.

Entry and Snipers Edit

There are two entries, but both start at the same area, just slightly moved: in the front of the house.

Sierra One is covering the master bedroom.

Tactical Approach Edit

The approach of this mission varies wildly depending on whether Elite Force is installed.

Assuming Elite Force is not installed, this mission is fairly straightforward. Lawrence may be found in the basement or in his lair, and his mother may be found anywhere on the main floor. Kline is only ever present deep inside the house. An extra suspect ("accomplice") may be present, and can be located practically anywhere except very personal areas of Fairfax. There are no surprises, and much of this mission is linear in nature.

Elite Force Changes Edit

  • Either the front door or the garage door may be trapped. Barring that, either of those entrances to the basement may be trapped. There is always a trap on Elite difficulty. Tripping the trap will trigger special dialogue.
  • There is always an accomplice on Elite difficulty. Arresting the suspect will trigger special dialogue.
  • Fairfax and his mother can wander around the house. Fairfax usually hangs out in the basement, but may occasionally grab a bite from the kitchen or go to the bathroom upstairs. His mother wanders around in every room upstairs.

Trivia Edit

This mission is unique in that it does not take place in New York City, but rather a fictional suburb known as Fairview. This led many to (mistakenly) believe that the game actually took place in Fairview.

The unnamed hostage is referred to internally as Tammy Wilson.

This mission has an incredibly large amount of cut content, some of which was then ported into SWAT: Elite Force. Traps were originally going to be featured in this mission, but cut at the last moment. There was dialogue missing regarding arresting the accomplice, and there are references to missing dialogue about more women being kept in cages:

"In the cell… there's another girl down there..."
This mission is known internally as "Silence of the Lawyers", a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 1991 film, Silence of the Lambs.

Fairfax Residence was indirectly mentioned during Ken Levine's farewell address to Irrational Games.

Melinda Kline is possibly named after Christopher Kline, a programmer whose name appears in many code comments.

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