Food Wall Restaurant is the first mission in SWAT 4, and the second mission in SWAT: Elite Force. The SWAT team is tasked with intercepting a weapons deal between Lian Niu, the manufacturer of high-volume MAC-10 magazines, and hitman Alex Jimenez.

Introduction Edit

FoodWall briefing

Okay guys, listen up. OCID (Organized Crime Investigation Division) has spent a lot of time setting this one up, and they’ve asked for our help serving the arrest warrant. For the last two weeks, the Food Wall Restaurant has been under close surveillance. We believe the owner, one Lian Niu, an experienced gunsmith, deals in the illegal modification of firearms, in this case, fabricating custom high-volume magazines. Niu maintains a residence above the restaurant, and does his business there. He’s been questioned about illegal arms before, but walked.

Ten minutes ago, Detective Sheary sighted Alex Jimenez entering the restaurant. Look at your files; Alex Jimenez, also known as “The Knife,” is a hit man with Colombian connections. He’s a key suspect in multiple homicides over the last year and half. Jimenez should be considered armed and dangerous.

Sheary believes that Jimenez is presently inside the business, having modifications made to a MAC-10 submachine gun used in a recent homicide.We want the evidence intact, so we can’t give Jimenez and Niu any warning.The restaurant’s patrons and employees will still be in the building when you go in. As always, target ID.

Your first priority is, of course, to avoid any civilian injuries; but after that, secure the gun in Jimenez’s possession. OCID is looking forward to having a long talk with both Jimenez and Niu—and that gun is just the thing to make them chatty. So take a careful look at the floor plans, plan your entry, and gear up.

Entry and Snipers Edit

There is only one entrance: at the corner of the alleyway. The team can either proceed through the front of the restaurant or go through the alleyway to the back.

Sierra One is covering the upper living areas.

Background Edit

The ground floor has been designed as a restaurant; Inside is a dining area with several tables, refrigerator with cold drinks and cash desk where customers could order and pay for meals. Next to the dining area is a corridor that leads to the small restrooms, storage and kitchen. The restaurant's kitchen contains typical kitchen appliances and supplies and features a large table in the center of the room. Behind the kitchen is a corridor that leads to cooler room, rear entrance and, most notably, the entrance to Lian Niu's apartment. His apartment, which is located above the restaurant, is rather small. It consist of living room, small kitchen and bedroom connected to bathroom. Also in the living room is a small workshop where Niu could modify and repair firearms.

Tactical Approach Edit

The team can either advance through the front of the restaurant or through the back. Splitting the team is a reasonable approach, but the player ought to use a Wedge on the path they didn't take, to avoid unwanted escaping suspects.

Most of the suspects on this level are located upstairs. Clearing the main restaurant shouldn't be too difficult, but flashbangs may alert the upstairs suspects to your presence. The door leading to the main staircase to upper floor will always be locked.

Multiplayer Version Edit

The multiplayer version of this map contains very few alterations. The bathroom on the second floor has a door leading to the roof, and a staircase from the roof reaches to the back alley, protected by the privacy fence. This map is very popular in Barricaded Suspects.

Trivia Edit

  • Should a suspect walk out of the restaurant and walk back in, High Ground will report that the suspect "walked back into the house" and not the restaurant. This is likely an oversight by the developers.

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Food Wall Restaurant - Ambience:
Food Wall Restaurant - Dynamic 1
Food Wall Restaurant - Dynamic 2
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