Incapacitation occurs when a target is no longer able to stand; they are often hunched over or curled up in a fetal position. In SWAT 4, officers, civilians and suspects can become incapacitated after sustaining a certain amount of damage (80 damage in SWAT 4 and The Stetchkov Syndicate, and 70 damage in SWAT: Elite Force). In addition, civilians and suspects may be found incapacitated in the level.

Mechanics Edit

In SWAT 4, each living target starts with 100 "health points" which are lost upon sustaining damage. After receiving 80 damage (70 in SWAT: Elite Force) the target will become incapacitated and ragdoll immediately. After losing 101 health points (at 0 health, the target is considered incapacitated still) the target will die.

While incapacitated, the target will moan and their body may jerk about. If a target is killed while incapacitated, it will trigger an Unauthorized Use of Deadly Force penalty (and, if they are a civilian, a Killed a Hostage penalty).

Officers cannot be killed, only incapacitated. This extends (oddly enough) to SWAT: Elite Force's Permadeath feature, despite them not dying. Officers who are incapacitated must be reported to TOC, otherwise a Failed to Report Downed Officer penalty will trigger.

In SWAT: Elite Force, targets that become incapacitated must be reported to TOC, otherwise a Failed to Report Downed Suspect or Failed to Downed Civilian penalty may be incurred. This does not occur with targets who are incapacitated at the beginning of the mission.

Appearances Edit

Notable maps that have incapacitated civilians at the start include: