Jean Trouffant is one of the many unique identities present in SWAT 4 and is of French descent. He is the primary objective antagonist of the final mission in the original game, Mt. Threshold Research Center. Whilst known for leading the delusional yet infamous Army of Faith, Jean has also been arrested on various occasions for disorderly conduct mostly associated with local protests.

His journey comes to an end during one of his raids on Mt. Threshold Research Center which will inevitably become his last.

Personality Edit

Jean Trouffant is adamant and is perhaps biased towards his opinion. His determination and adamant behavior deludes him and is most likely the cause for the mental condition that prevails in him now. As with any other criminal and unique suspect in the game, Jean seems to lack any regard in the value and sanctity of life. It is very much likely that he may have suffered abuse or rejection at some point of time in his life thereby strengthening his currently predominant resolve and persona. However, this only an assumption and has not been mentioned anywhere in the game.

In the game, Jean will rarely comply with Officers and often requires some magnitude of less-lethal force in order to persuade him to comply.

Affiliation with the Army of Faith Edit

Jean is only known for his role in the activist group, the Army of Faith. It is likely that he may have been associated with its founding or may have founded it himself considering his background and past persona. His interests and perception on the sensitive matter portrayed in the mission is also clearly followed by the activist group and they appear persistent on remaining loyal to him and their cause.

Following his arrest (or death) in Mt. Threshold Research Center, his affiliation with the activist group came to an untimely end accompanied by the group's disbandment as well.

End Edit

Jean would eventually lead the Army of Faith to its doom during their final raid on a research facility called Mt. Threshold Research Center on April the 21st. The SWAT team would soon be dispatched in response to the crisis consequently leading to his arrest (or death).

Trivia Edit

  • In the original game, SWAT 4, Jean may perhaps be the only influential unique suspect identity among his accomplices compared to other unique suspects in the game.
  • During Mission 13 of SWAT 4, unlike his other accomplices, Jean does not wear a hockey mask to conceal his identity.