Lightsticks are a piece of tactical equipment added by The Stetchkov Syndicate that can be dropped by the player or AI-controlled officers to mark cleared rooms, illuminate dark spaces, or make a path. The player is given fiveTSS or ten SEF lightsticks at the start of the mission, and they glow for a total of five minutes (30 seconds in Multiplayer) before losing their light.

Lightsticks can be deployed by AI-controlled officers with either the Deploy LightstickTSS, Mark with Lightstick SEF or Drop Lightstick SEF commands. The Deploy Lightstick and Mark with Lightstick commands will instruct that a lightstick is to be placed at the location the player is looking at, while the Drop Lightstick command will tell the nearest officer to drop a lightstick.

Usage (TSS) Edit

By pressing the hotkey, the player will drop a lightstick at their feet.

Usage (SEF) Edit

Starting in SEFv6, by pressing the hotkey, the player will pull out their lightsticks. By pressing the attack key, a lightstick will be thrown. Holding the button will throw farther and with more force. Quickly pressing the attack key will drop a lightstick at the player's feet, similar to the TSS behavior, and holding for some time will throw it with the same amount of force as a grenade does at maximum charge.

Due to the physics of the game, lightsticks have a tendency to fall through the floor. Either quickly dropping the lightstick or bouncing the lightstick off of a wall at an angle will usually prevent it from falling through the floor.