The MP5A4 SMG (labelled "9mm Submachine Gun" in SWAT 4, and "MP5A2 SMG" in older versions of SWAT: Elite Force) is a flexible submachine gun, firing a 9x19mm pistol round. It is the only weapon that can bear a silencer by the player's choice; it is for this being an option (The Colt Accurized Rifle and Suppressed Uzi are forced to bear a silencer).

In-Game Description Edit

This 9mm submachine gun was designed by H&K, a world renowned German manufacturer.  It is preferred by many para-military groups throughout the world for urban tactical engagements.  Firing either full metal jacket or jacketed hollow point 9x19mm ammunition it is versatile, but lacks the stopping power of an assault rifle.  Its key advantage is its compact design, which allows superior maneuverability in indoor situations.  It is equipped with a fire mode selector allowing automatic, semi-automatic and three round burst firing modes.

Performance Edit

The MP5A4 is the most all-around SMG. It's main disadvantage is its lack of stopping power or accuracy compared to rifles. Rifles are more accurate than the MP5A4, and have superior stopping power against any target, whereas an MP5A4 user would need to select a proper load against the targets in the mission, as AP and FMJ rounds can't reliably neutralize targets without protection, but JSP and JHP rounds don't have the power to go through armor and take down targets that are protected. This is balanced by its main advantage, it is a reliable, light-weight weapon, giving it a faster recovery than most other weapons, and the 9x19mm's recoil is easily controlled by the weapon's design. Overall, it is a solid performer that can take on many situations, but it is best deployed in short ranges against targets without armor or in light armor.

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