Mt. Threshold Research Center is the last mission in both SWAT 4 and in SWAT: Elite Force. In their possibly final dispatch, the team must secure a research facility occupied by a group of treacherous suspects assuming a title for themselves as the Army of Faith. The activist group had initially intended on bombing the facility but was trapped inside the building by nearby law enforcers.

Introduction Edit

DNA briefing

If you haven't heard of the Army of Faith, here's your introduction. A bit after 20:00 a group of them broke into the Hologen Research Facility at Mount Threshold, closely affiliated with Mount Threshold University. A couple of patrol cars responded quickly to the initial alarm, and the activists were trapped inside. Unfortunately, trapped along with them are building's late working scientists and graduate students. The suspects have already released a statement declaring their willingness to become martyrs, and we have evidence of their willingness to make martyrs out of others. It’s a very touchy situation, with the potential to get worse.

About the "Army of Faith". They’ve been around for about two years, and have claimed credit for bombing research facilities doing work with stem cells and cloning technology. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of them as lunatics. Whatever they believe, they are also well armed, well trained, and dedicated to their cause. They’ve sent – and acted on – death threats to leading researches in both fields, and this is not the first institution they've invaded.

We think they intended the same sort of high damage, high speed raid at Hologen. However, university police were nearby, and acted quickly to stop them. Things are still confused enough that we don’t know how many civilians are still there, and we only have rough estimates on the number of suspects.

Hologen is active in DNA cloning research, and we believe that is why they were targeted. Our suspects are led by Jean Trouffant. He is one of the major operatives in the Army of Faith. Trouffant was wanted for bombing abortion clinics, before going underground and reappearing with the Army of Faith. We don't have any accurate count of how many gunmen he has with him, but it’s at least seven or eight from negotiators reports.

One of the first things the Army of Faith did was take down the security system, so we don’t know how many civilians are inside. The suspects have named so far only Dr. Theodore Sturgeon as a hostage. We believe he is in imminent danger from the suspects, as one of Hologen’s long researchers. As always, your first priority is to rescue him and get any other civilians out there safely. However, you should also keep your eyes open for Sturgeon's briefcase, which has contacts for other researchers around the world. In the Army of Faith’s hands, those documents become an open season list. Study the location and your opponents, choose your gear carefully, and get in there. There's a lot riding in this case.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The research facility allows the team to enter through two different entry locations, one that accesses the building through the front door and main foyer, and the other that accesses the upper floor of the building through the service entrance. The choice of entry lies entirely with the player to suit his preference and convenience.

Alike St. Micheal's Medical Centre, this map does not possess any valuable sniper vantage points.

Background Edit

Mount Threshold Hologen Research Center is a two story laboratory that specializes mainly in DNA cloning, biology and chemistry. It contains large front hall with several and rather big laboratories. The front doors lead to the front lobby has been designed for reception and waiting room and there is front desk and several couches, armchairs as well as advertisements related to DNA. Behind the main desk is a door that leads to the hallway that leads to various laboratories. The ground floor contains three labs: animal research, central workstation and cryogenics. The "animal research" part contains three rooms. The first one is computer lab with many computer stations. The second one is a lab where scientists as well as students could observe the behavior of rodents such as mice or rats. It contains multiple cages for rodents, three tables to perform an autopsy and two workstations. There are are various posters and diagrams explaining various biological processes of rodents. The third room is a storage where all cages and equipment is cleaned as well as food for rodents. The central workstation contains several computer stations and fume hoods. It also serves as a chemical storage area. The cryogenics part is divided into two floors. But before students or scientists could enter into cryogenics laboratory they must enter into clean room and wear protective clothing. In the cryogenics laboratory there are several computer stations as well as fume hoods. However since cryogenics is the study of the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures the whole laboratory is covered in hoarfrost and icicles are hanging from many tables and shelves. The stairs in this lab leads to the second floor with another cryogenics lab as well as another clean room. The second floor also contains wet bench analysis and computer analysis. The room "wet bench analysis" contains several computer stations and every of these stations are connected to fume hoods where scientists could perform experiments on living cells such as cloning them. Also there are various pictures depicting living cells - from animal to plant cells. The computer analysis are connected with wet bench analysis and it contains another computer stations, but also servers, archives with photographs X-ray cells and special lamps to watch X-ray photographs. Also in whole research center there are various signs warning everybody about hazards in the laboratory such as ultraviolet light, acidic substances, biohazards, radioactivity and many others as well as signs ordering to wear protective clothing, gloves or masks.

Tactical Approach Edit

The front entrance of the facility leads the team to a large room that bears a doorway opening into a long corridor stretching laterally with respect to the door, and a staircase that leads to the upper floor of the building. On the other hand, the service entrance leads to a long passage-way bearing numerous doorways each individually leading into adjacent rooms and continuous passages.

The suspects of this level are both well equipped and well armed. They take pride in their cause and are therefore difficult to cooperate with. Neither the primary antagonist of the mission nor his accomplices wear gas masks which makes the usage of CS Gas a suitable choice. Although the doors appear to have narrow windows on them, they are purely for aesthetic purposes and are not like those found in St. Micheal's Medical Centre. Since the armed gunmen will be least inclined to comply with the Officers, the use of less-lethal weaponry is essential in order to attain a high score.

The layout of the facility nearly resembles that of a maze since various rooms, corridors and passageways are thoroughly interconnected which deems it necessary to lock (as in the case of the Elite Force mod) or wedge doors to prevent suspects from fleeing successfully and engaging those who had fled initially into rooms that have been cleared already. This feature of the map also causes another hindrance in the progression of the team, where suspects commonly get attracted by noises and sounds occurring in a room that is currently in the process of clearing. They may either interrupt the currently ongoing procedures or flee into adjacent areas adding excessive strain on the team.

Thedore Sturgeon, one of the notable civilians that must be rescued, will normally be found in either the Animal Research rooms lying adjacent to the corner formed between Side 1 and 4 or in the large room of the upper floor found just above the underlying research rooms. The briefcase that the team must secure will always be found in the same room where the Professor is located.

Elite Force Changes Edit

  • All of the suspects were made Insane i.e. they would be least hesistant to shoot hostages after threateneing to do so.
  • A massive -oversight- by the developer's was fixed where the maximum morale a suspect could bear was nine times beyond its regular capacity.
  • This map unlocks the M249 Saw.

​Trivia Edit

  • Although the game reveals that the activist group had intended to bomb the facility, there no traces of any attempt made to carry out this intention both through speech and physical evidence. Perhaps, the developers believed that if such a feature was introduced, it would be a replica of a preceeding mission - the Old Granite Hotel.
  • The suspects, through their speech, seem to have a distaste for the knowledgable students and researchers by referring to them as "eggheads". In response towards their remark, the students would sometimes reply saying, "Did you even go to college?".
  • Jean Trouffant, unlike his other accomplices, does not wear a hockey mask to conceal his identity. The reason for this unknown, however, it may most likely be a way of earning a dreadful reputation for himself and his group through his identity. It may also be a general convention followed by the group.


Soundtrack Edit

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