Northside Vending and Amusements is the seventh mission in SWAT 4 and the eighth in SWAT: Elite Force. The SWAT team is needed for a hostage rescue mission after contact was lost with undercover detective Jeremy Walsh, with the assumption that he is in a grave state of danger. Detective Jeremy Walsh had initially gone undercover, secretly working with the suspects at the Northside Vending and Amusements. The business was kept a close eye on for alleged bookmarking operations that took place in the basement of the business. However, after his line went dead, Walsh had not returned and would have done so if things were proceeding normally.

Entry and SnipersEdit

The team can enter the building through only a single entry point, that is the back door that leads into the establishment. For aesthetic purposes, the door is barricaded and this barricade is removed by the SWAT van as the team approaches the door.

Sierra One covers what is assumed to be a storage area of the establishment.

Tactical ApproachEdit

Through the back door, the team is lead into a corridor bearing two doorways each opening into the washroom and the establishment's front entry. Louie Baccus is almost always found in either of these two rooms or in the main storage area that Sierra One covers and he is never found beyond this point. He may also be accompanied by Allen Kruse and one or two additional suspects. The storage area also a bears an additional, less extensive floor above it that overlooks the majority of the large room. Allen Kruse is often found here. The room then continues behind leading to a door that bears the only passage to the lower floor of the establishment and apparently the laundromat as well. Assuming that campaign settings have been applied to the map, when the player reaches the bottom of this passage and begins exploring the lower floor of the building, the team will be tasked with an additional objective to investigate the adjacent laundromat in response to recent gunshots that were heard being fired from this place.

The layout of the lower floor is what must concern the player the most, as it is densely occupied by a large number of suspects and apparently bears the only path leading to the laundromat for the team. The lower floor, to some extent, forms a loop that circles the entire lower floor of the building and also conatins numerous other passage-ways, interconnecting doorways and rooms that cut across this individual passage. The suspects are poorly equipped and wear neither any sort of armor nor gas masks. Most of the suspects are lightly equipped and very few may comply immediately when called upon to do so by the Officers. To limit any sort of attempt made by the suspects to retreat, it is both advised and generally a good tactic to either wedge or lock doors (as in the case of the Elite Force mod).

As the team proceeds to enter the laundromat from one of the casinos found in the lower floor of the building, the team will be lead into a small room that bears two doorways each leading into the laundromat itself and an adjacent washroom. Jeremy Walsh may be found incapacitated in either here or anywhere else in the adjacent laundromat. The laundromat itself is a large room partially divided at the centre by a row of washing-machines and bears an additional room beside it that can be easily accessed as it lacks any form of obstruction such as doors, immovable objects etc.  

Elite Force changesEdit

  • The map now contains traps that were initially cut from the original game. These traps are often found on the doors at the bottom of the only stairway that leads the team to the lower floor of the building. Similarly a cut conversation between Lead and TOC was restored when the team had tripped the above mentioned traps.
  • Louie Baccus was made Fearless, in a sense that he would be less inclined towards complying with the Officers. All of the suspects were also assigned a Polite personality so that they would be more hesistant in eliminating hostages when they had threatened to do so.
  • Depending on the area where the doorway is found, respective Make Entry commands were assigned.
  • This map unlocks the FN P90 PDW.


  • The briefing suggests that Loiue Baccus is armed. It's possible to assume this since he is responsible for providing the space and cover required for the bookie operations and in order to defend himself it is obvious that he must wield a firearm. However, in the mission he plays the role of a regular, stubborn hostage and never appears to be armed. He also rarely poses neither a threat nor hinders the Officers' progression.
  • Although active gunshots can be heard as the team is introduced with an additional objective to investigate the laundromat, there is no active shooting that actually takes place. In reality, the mission begins immediately with Detective Walsh incapacitated and he is never really shot as the mission progresses. This is clearly evident as when the player checks the procedures tab as soon as the mission begins, there will always be a single unreported status to TOC which is actually Detective Walsh's incapacitation that the team is yet to report.
  • This mission is the only mission in the game to explicitly feature an objective to arrest an identity rather than to rescue Louie Baccus as a hostage or neutralise him as a suspect. The reason for this understood since Louie Baccus is, to an extent, indirectly involved in the bookie operations.


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