Old Granite Hotel is the twelfth mission in SWAT 4 and the nineteenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. After James Betincourt and his general contractor Lawrence Adams were taken hostage, the militia group America Now, responsible for the aforementioned captivity of the two men; demanded for a ransom of twelve million dollars to be payed by midnight. Following these series of events, the SWAT team was dispatched for a hostage rescue after several gunshots were heard being fired.

Entry and SnipersEdit

The building offers two points of entry, one from the elevator shaft and the other from the stairwell. The stairwell entry provides the player with the choice of completely ignoring the lower floor and immediately continuing into the upper floor of the building where all of the map's timed bombs are located.

Sierra One covers one of the rooms of the hotel on Side 1, while Sierra Two covers an exposed portion of the building on Level 7. (See bugs for more information)

Tactical ApproachEdit

On entering the building through the elevator shaft the team is lead into a long passage bearing numerous doorways each opening into their respective room of the hotel. Behind the elevator shaft, the passage is unfurnished and is generally occupied by at least one suspect, however, in certain occasions there may be two. The corridor is also attached to the stairwell through a narrow doorway and at the middle of the stairway between the two floors is located a timed bomb. When the team encounters it, an additional objective to defuse all of the bombs is introduced to the player that must be completed within a time period of exactly nine minutes and thirteen seconds.

The layout of the map is astonishingly relatively easier to clear compared to many other preceding maps since most of the rooms do not interconnect with other areas and possesses only a single doorway for both entry and exit. This restricts the ease in mobility of the suspects to flee from rooms that are in the process of clearing. Yet, despite these favourable circumstances it still proves beneficial to wedge certain doors. Most of the unfurnished rooms in the upper floor of the building adjacent to the main passage-way are relatively small and can be easily cleared with the help of a single grenade. CS Gas is the most effective less-lethal grenade since it occupies a large portion of the room and therefore successfully affects everyone in the room as long as they expose and position themselves in the effective radius of the grenade. On the other hand, in the Elite Force mod, the Sting grenades may also prove equally competent in clearing such rooms since the effective radius and the strength of the grenade was significantly improved in the mod.

The suspects are well-equipped but do not wear gas-masks, hence making the use of CS Gas a feasible and efficient choice for carrying out tactical procedures. The suspects are also less inclined towards complying with the Officers when ordered to do so.

If the player opts for the secondary entrance, he may choose to clear the upper floor entirely following the completion of the additional objective to defuse all of the timed bombs present in the level. On succeeding, he may continue to clear the lower level of the building and proceed to complete the mission. The reverse of the above stated procedure to complete the mission may be followed as well.

Bugs Edit

  • The Sierra teams for this mission appear to be positioned wrong. In the briefing text, they are labeled as Sierra 1 being on Level 7, whereas Sierra 2 is on Level 6. The snipers themselves also mention being on Level 7 and 6, respectively. However, in the base game, they are positioned on Level 6 and Level 7, respectively. This is corrected in the Elite Force mod.

Trivia Edit

  • The stub page on this wiki uses a graphic based on the signs in this mission.
  • A different voice actress plays the dispatch character in this mission, for unknown reasons.

Elite Force ChangesEdit

  • Two cut conversations were restored back into the game. They were - Jackson:"The bomb squad missed all the fun" and a few lines conversed when the player had successfully disabled a bomb.
  • This mission unlocks the AK-47 in version 4 and below, and the MP5KA4 in version 5.
  • Fixed the bug noted above with Sierra teams being in the wrong spots.


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