The Pepperball Gun is a primary, non-lethal weapon that fires OC-balls, ejected by compressed carbon dioxide at relatively high speeds. This weapon need not be reloaded under general circumstances due to its large ammunition capacity, however, excessive ammunition cannot be stored with the help of the ammo pouch that is available in the expansion pack. It is generally used for non-lethal purposes and when some extent of force is necessary in order to bring about compliance in non-complying subjects. Along the lines of lethality, this weapon is extremely harmless and is incapable posing life threatening instances.

In-Game Description Edit

The Pepper-ball gun is based on technology originally designed for recreational paintball. Compressed Carbon Dioxide ejects the ammunition at relatively high velocities. The Pepper-ball gun allows officers to quickly deploy OC at specific targets, in more easily controlled quantities, and at significantly longer ranges than a grenade launcher or standard pepper spray. With the large ammunition hopper this weapon never needs to be reloaded under normal operating conditions.

General Usage Edit

The Pepper-ball gun is mostly used as a less-lethal option alongside the Less Lethal Shotgun. Due to its incredible rate of fire and lack of the need to reload, it is very often used during speedruns. As a less-lethal weapon, its usage on targets despite disregarding the rules of lethal engagement, does not invite penalties such as unauthorized use of (deadly) force. Little to some experience is required to effectively use the Pepper-ball gun since it possess two major drawbacks - its range and accuracy. The weapon is incapable of firing at very long distances and at such distances the accuracy of the weapon falters. It must not be used when aware of the fact that the suspects in a specific level are equipped with gas masks since it renders the Pepper-ball gun ineffective.

Effect Edit

On firing the projectiles of the less lethal weapon on a target, the target suffers from temporary coughing and decrease in morale. The target is also temporarily incapable of doing anything else except cough uncontrollably and remark on their suffering. The decrease in morale is also comparatively less when compared to the effectiveness of the Less Lethal Shotgun.

However, when the target is equipped with a gas mask, the effect of the weapon is completely nullified and is rendered absolutely useless against the target. The Officers do not get adversely affected as well and in singleplayer, the Player is immune to the effects of the weapon.

Changes in Elite Force Edit

The effect of the Pepper-ball gun was reduced by half and could be equipped as a secondary weapon.

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