Qwik Fuel Convenience Store is the third mission in both SWAT 4, as well as in SWAT: Elite Force . The SWAT team is tasked with the objective of handling an attempted robbery in the store at around 0600 hours when a commuter had pulled in to get gas and immediately pulled out dialing 911 after spotting an armed woman coming out the front door.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The entry location lies at the back of the store which leads to two possible entrances, one leading to the storage area and loading bay and the other to the back door.

Sierra One covers the main store area while Sierra Two covers the back alley along the back door.

Tactical Approach Edit

Entry is not entirely of great concern when it comes to this mission. The team may choose to enter through the door that leads to the storage area or through the back door along the alley. However, there are instances where suspects may either be present or hiding in the alley. At certain occasions Sierra Two may report the presence of a suspect in the back alley who has unsuspectingly chosen to walk towards the team.

The passage leading to the storage area and loading bay ultimately leads the team to the main store area, while the back door leads the team to a corridor with three separate doorways each opening into either of the two offices and the main store area. Alternative entries to the building and individual rooms may be wedged for the sake of convenience and to prevent fleeing suspects to take refuge in rooms that have been cleared already.

Elite Force Changes Edit

  • Drug packets may be found in the map that must be secured as evidence. The suspects may also carry drug evidence along with them.
  • Since the briefing before the mission states that the suspects are probably high, the suspects bear poor sanity and are therefore insane i.e. they will be less hesitant to shoot hostages, particularly Alice Jenkins. They may also die when subjected to a treatment by the taser.
  • This mission unlocks the Remington M870 and Remington M870 Breaching shotguns.

Trivia Edit

  • Alice Jenkins is believed to be a drug addict which well explains the reason behind the burglary of the store, probably in an attempt to gain drug money. It is also explicitly revealed in her character and behavior especially when encountering the Officers as she often screams with extreme desperation. In example, she responds by saying "Leave me alone!" or "I don't think so!" when the Officers order for compliance from her and "I'm not going back!" with reference to the fact that she has once been in rehabilitation for her drug addiction.
  • On arresting Heidi Rosenstein, she would sometimes make a comment on Kim Dong Yin, another civilian who must be rescued, displaying her keen interest in his safety. "Is Kim alright? Where is he?" However none in the name of Wills Fischer.

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