Red Library Offices is the sixth mission in SWAT 4 and the ninth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. In this mission the SWAT officers are tasked with mission of rescuing all hostages inside office building after many gunmen failed to rob a bank and hid there to avoid police.

Introduction Edit

Red briefing
Red call

Just after 14:00 this afternoon, multiple gunmen stormed the offices at the Wianwright Hill Center building. They shot their way through several of the business, until getting pinned down by patrol in one of the offices.

This started with an attempted bank robbery at the Community Savings and Loan. However, the suspects trapped the alarms early in their attempt, alerting both Bank’s security and local police. Instead of attempting to flee, they seem to have tried to continue to break into the bank, but were foiled by vault security.

When confronted by security, the suspects shot two of them, and then fled. After a brief vehicle pursuit with patrol officers, the gunmen crashed into offices at Wainwright Hill Center and took refuge in the Red Library offices. Patrol pulled back and established a perimeter.

Red Library is a software company, specializing in data storage. It’s employees often work on Saturday, and so we suspect that that was the first unlocked office the gunmen found. Unfortunately, that also means that office was occupied when they went in.

Negotiators have been talking with them since about 15:30. Overall estimation is that while these guys are heavily armed, they don’t really know what they are doing. So far, the suspects demanded an escape route and five million dollars, in exchange for their “multiple prisoners”. Negotiators have exchanged to get four hostages freed , in exchange for two mask gas and two armored vests. The freed hostages can’t give us an accurate count of employees, since no one knows how many employees were working today. The current spate of gunfire seems it’s time to go in and rescue the rest of the hostages.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The office building offers 2 entry points.

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There are two snipers on this operation. Sierra 1 is covering a break room while Sierra 2 is covering the meeting room. Both of these rooms are on the second floor.

Background Edit

"Red Library INC" is a three storey office building plus basement level. It is also part of Wainwright Mills offices. The ground floor consist of reception area with main entrance to the building, a spacious office area filled with various items related to the office such as computers, printers and fillng cabinets and most of workplaces for employees are separated by cubicles. There is also hallway that leads to two staircases, an elevator and restrooms. The second floor has three rooms filled with servers since the Red Library INC is a software company, specializing in data storage. There are also additional desks with computers on them. Additionally the second floor is accessible only by one staricase. The third floor contains several rooms such as meeting room, the president's office and break room. The break room is connected with the kitchen that is equipped with kitchen appliances and vending machines so the employees of this company could prepare meals for themselves as well as watch TV during their breaks. It's also worth to mention about balcony on this floor that overlooks on the ground floor. The basement level contains a carpark where the employees could park their cars. Also just like with the second floor, the basement is only accessible by one staircase. As the Red Library INC specializes in data storage, the advertisements inside the building are connected with databases or protecting the data from stealing.

Tactical Approach Edit

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