The Remington M870 Breaching is the breaching variant of the Remington M870 and it was introduced in SWAT: Elite Force. It is used primarily for breaching doors but rarely for shooting at a suspect for some reason (for example if the carrier doesn´t have ammo left for his primary gun).

In-Game Description Edit

The Remington Model 870 is a reliable and compact pump-action shotgun capable of dispatching even the toughest of criminals. It sees a variety of use among patrol and SWAT units, but is also used for sports shooting and hunting. This weapon can be modified with special breaching ammunition for quick rom entries, or beanbags for a less lethal approach. This particular variant is equipped with a special breaching nozzle, which ensures that every shot will consistently breach a door.


This weapon is used only for breaching doors and make quick entries, and seldom used for injuring a suspect, due to the fact that the cartridge is used for breaching and not penetrating. Still, in cases of emergency, the player can still shoot suspects and kill them.