S.W.A.T is a special unit of police officers who have to pass through many training courses. They are trained to assist regular uniformed officers that need assistance. When a Code 3 occurs, S.W.A.T is the go-to type of unit. A Code 3 is when there's a report of an officer down or in more severe cases, several officers down. They are trained to clear rooms and take down heavily armed suspects. They normally respond to bank robberies, hostage situations, barricaded suspect situations, barricaded suspect/hostage situations, riots, shootouts, and etc. S.W.A.T is a life saving situation, not a life taking one. In some cases the suspects leave officers no choice but to take them down in a lethal manner. An officer is only permitted to fire their weapon when absolutely needed in the defense of their own life. That normally means when a suspect is shooting or aiming a gun at them.

The In-Game Team Edit

Lead: It's the player's charecter. The full name is defined by the player's career name. His nickname is Boss, given that he leads the team. He counts 15 years of service, and his Badge Number is 3187. In the game files, he's referenced to as TeamLead. This is his bio:

A recent transfer from Los Angeles, the Sergeant is cool under fire and always buisness-like. With a new element to command, he will have to gain the respect of his squad while on the job.

Reynolds: He's the Team's oldest member, counting 30 years of service in the force and 25 in SWAT. His full name is Steven Reynolds, and his nickname is Gramps, given his age. His Badge Number is 3077. In the game files, he's referenced to as OfficerRedOne. This is his bio:

A thirty year veteran of the force, and 25 year veteran of SWAT, Officer Reynolds is the most experienced member of the element. His experience has taught him that staying calm can be the key to survival as a SWAT officer. Realizing the value of his experience, he is always willing to give his advice to the element.

Girard: He counts 14 years of service and his full name is Anthony Girard. His nickname is Subway, and his Badge Number is 3518. In the game files, he's referenced to as OfficerRedTwo. This is his bio:

Officer Girard is a local boy, born and raised in the metropolitan area, Girard has been a member of SWAT for 6 years and been decorated for his bravery on 2 occasions.

Fields: His full name is Zachary Fields, and he has 6 years of experience in the force. His nickname is Hollywood due to being raised in the streets. In the game files, he's referred to as OfficerBlueOne. His badge number is 3975, and this is his bio:

Spending only 2 years on the streets before passing the rigourus SWAT training course and trials, Officer Fields is one of the youngest officers on the force to be promoted to SWAT. Although a bit of a loudmouth, he has proven to be a capable operator.

Jackson: He's the Team's last member, and he counts 18 years of service. His full name is Allen Jackson, and his nickname is Python, due to being an athlete. In the game files, he's referred to as OfficerBlueTwo. His badge number is 3248 and here's his bio:

Officer Jackson has had a long and distinguished career on SWAT. As well as being a top-notch operator, Jackson prides himself on being an athlete. He is in peak physical condition and can be an intimidating presence on any operation.