Sellers Street Auditorium is the third mission in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate and the tenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. An group known as CASM invaded the rock concert on Sellers Street Auditorium and have taken the whole band as a hostages. Even though they are well-equipped they are very sloppy in their actions and may kill a hostage during the crossfight.

Introduction Edit

Backstage briefing
Backstage call

Listen up. Approximately 45 minutes ago a group known as Citizens Against Satanic Music or “CASM” stormed a rock concert at the Sellers Street Auditorium. They fired a barrage of shots injuring several audience members, and creating a panic. The band, called “Devil’s Playthings”, fled the stage but was closely followed by the suspects. They claim to now have the band hostage.

CASM have long vocal opponent of rock music, occasionally clashing with police during the protests, but they’ve never resorted to this level of violence before. They’ve been sending the band the hate mails for some time, and it looks like the band’s latest album “Die For The Devil” pushed them over the edge. They want it taken off store shelves.

These guys aren’t hard mind criminals – they’re sloppy and badly organized but they’re also extremely well equipped. Looks like somebody sold them some guns and they got delusions of grandeur.

Witnesses report at least four suspects armed with automatic weapons and wearing disguises. We’re guessing there are several civilians inside either injured or hiding. We’re taking the suspects claim that they’re holding the band hostage seriously. These guys are nervous amateurs and that makes them more likely to hurt or kill an innocent civilian, either deliberately or accidentally.

Choose your equipment and be ready to move out.

Entry and snipers Edit

(to be done...)

There are two snipers available in this mission. Sierra one is covering the restaurant area on second floor on side 3 and Sierra two is covering one of the offices on second floor on side 1.

Background Edit

The Sellers Street Auditorium is a two storey building that has been built for local theater and music bands and hosts many cultural events such as theater performances, concerts and other forms of entertainment. The whole auditorium is separated into two parts: one for customers of the concert hall and second for employees, actors and musicians. The ground floor consist of main entrance with ticket booth, main auditorium with stage and seats for audience, staircase to upper level and restrooms. In the backstage there are offices for employees, dressing-room, storage and back entrance to the building while the second floor contains restaurant and bar for customers, but also other offices, room filled with many props and computer control. The front doors lead to lobby with ticket office where customers could buy tickets for performance and behind the ticket office is door to main auditorium - there is also door that leads to the staircase The main auditorium is rather spacious as it contains large dance floor and multiple seats for audience. On the stage there are various headlights and colorful lights giving great light effects during concerts and performances. Behind the main stage there is a employees only area. There are storage rooms filled with many items needed for performances, as well as dressing-rooms for actors and office. On the second floor is a restaurant connected with bar where customers as well as employees of the auditorium could eat and drink something during breaks between performances. There are also two balconies that overlook the main auditorium, so the audience could get a better view on the concerts. Just like on the ground floor, on the second floor there is also employees only area. It contains another offices but also computer control room just above the stage so sound engineers and specialists of visual effects could monitor the concerts and turn on the visual effects in a timely manner. There is also a storage filled with many props and equipment such as amplifiers, microphones and headlights. Also next to it there is a room that apparently serves as a break room for bands and other artists. It's worth to mention that in the whole auditorium there are various posters and advertisements about various concerts and other performances that will occur in The Sellers Street Auditorium such as "Devil Playthings" rock band.

Tactical Approach Edit

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Elite Force Changes Edit

  • Incapacitated hostages can bleed out if not reported in time.
  • Band members have a 10% chance of getting Cardiac arrest when tased by a Taser or the Cobra Stun Gun

Trivia Edit

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Sellers Street Auditorium - Ambience 1:
Sellers Street Auditorium - Ambience 2:
Sellers Street Auditorium - Ambience 3:
Sellers Street Auditorium - Dynamic:
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