Sisters of Mercy Hostel is the second mission in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate and the sixth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. Heavily armed gunmen attempted to rob a post office but failed, and fled. They were spotted on Newbury Street by patrol car but after seeing it they fled into Our Sisters of Mercy Halfway House, where they have held everyone hostage. Nurses and nuns from the scene are cautioning SWAT to take great care in not harming the senior residents, especially Lionel MacArthur, who has not taken his medication.

Introduction Edit

HalfwayHouse briefing
HalfwayHouse call

Let me have your attention team. About two hours ago a group of armed men attempted to rob the post office at the corner of Watts and Lonsdale. They were confronted by an armed security guard and when he opened fire, they ran.

The guard called 911 and a nearby patrol car responded, spotting the suspects on foot on Newbury Street. Seems their gateway panicked and drove off without them. When the officer ordered them to surrender they opened fire and retreated into a halfway house, Our Sisters of Mercy.

The halfway house provides temporary accommodation for older men, often just out of prison or recently released from mental care. A few of the residents fled once the gunmen entered, but one of the sisters who runs the house says at least six people are unaccounted for. That means any civilians inside may be confused, scared and uncooperative. Check your targets carefully.

The suspects appear well armed but disorganized. The security guard reported seeing at least five individuals carrying automatic rifles and shotguns, and says they may have been wearing body armor. The word on the street is that it’s the Stetchkov clan who’ve provided the guns, but they don’t normally handle guns.

The police negotiator has been trying to communicate with the suspects, but as yet they haven’t responded. There’s been some sporadic gunfire from within the building, which is why we’re going in.

Suit up and get ready.

Entry and Snipers Edit

(to be done...)

There are two snipers available in this mission. Sierra one is covering one of the bedrooms on second floor on side 1 and Sierra two is covering a corridor on second floor on side 4.

Background Edit

Our Sisters Of Mercy Halfway House is a two story building that once was a small brewery built in the 20s of the twentieth century. However due to economic crisis the building has been closed and wasn't used until 60s when it was donated to local convent. The halfway house provides temporary shelter for homeless and elder people who has just been released from prison or mental institution. The ground floor consist of several rooms for residents of the halfway house such as living room, dining room connected to kitchen and chapel. There is also reception and additional office. This building has two entrances: the main entrance leads straight into reception and the delivery entrance. The reception is rather simple as it contains one desk and several chairs and sofas. There are also entrances to chapel and living room. Next to the reception is an office for nuns who operate the halfway house. The living room contains simple facilities for residents such as TV with DVD player, bookshelves and one billiard table. Next to the living room is a corridor that connects living room, kitchen, dining room and chapel. It also contains delivery entrance. In the dining room there are several tables, window to receive meals and countertops on which are tables, cutlery, and spices. The dining room is also connected with kitchen and contains stairs to the second floor. The dining room is not only of residents but also for homeless people, where they could eat a warm meal during the winter. The kitchen contains several countertops, gas cookers, fridges, sinks and shelves filled with various products. There is also cold room. The chapel is rather big. It contains benches for residents and altar in the back as well as shelves filled with Bibles and also projector for interactive Holy Mass. The chapel is filled with many figures of Holy Mary and other religious ornaments. Also the windows are stained glass. The second floor consists mainly of bedrooms. The biggest one contains many beds such as bunk beds and normal beds but also mattresses. Apparently it is used by homeless as well as the residents. The two other bedrooms are smaller but they are also more furnished. They contain usually two or three beds and have more furniture like wardrobes, shelves with medications and even TVs. On this floor there is also a shower room.

Tactical Approach Edit

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Elite Force Changes Edit

  • The elderly residents can suffer Cardiac arrest if a Taser or Cobra Stun Gun is used
  • The Suspects carry a greater variety of weapons such as M249 machine guns, as opposed to just carrying M4s and Benelli Novas in vanilla TSS

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