St. Michael's Medical Centre is the tenth mission in SWAT 4 and the fourteenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. The SWAT team is responsible for dealing with an international crisis when Hyun-Jun Park, a foreign diplomat, was attacked by a group of well-armed terrorists in a hospital following an earlier unsuccessful attack on him at a restaurant.

Entry and Snipers  Edit

The hospital features two rather distinctive entry points, one that accesses the main foyer and the other that accesses the hallway from the research wing. Considering the intensive difficulty of the level, the choice of an entry point may be vital and essential in order to succeed in it.

There are no snipers in this map.

Tactical ApproachEdit

In most cases, more preference lies with the secondary entrance as it directly sweeps through the entire building in a straightforward manner with little to no deviation in direction. However, the choice of entry lies entirely within the player depending on his preference. The suspects are well-armed, well-equipped with body armour but without gas masks hence proving the use of CS Gas beneficial. 

A few portions of the Centre, especially the lower floor of the building, are interconnected and often have two or more alternative entries, making it essential to either lock (as in the case of the Elite Force mod) or wedge certain doors. Another feature of the level that introduces a much higher level of difficulty when using less-lethal weapons is the presence of numerous large windows that allow only the projectiles of lethal arms to pass through and not those of non-lethal arms. Smaller such structured windows are found atop doors. If the Player is caught in a comprising situation where they are unable to fire their less-lethal firearm at a suspect they see through a window who is threatening to kill a hostage; the player must swiftly respond by possibly barging into the room and ordering the suspect to comply with force lest the hostage be executed accompanied by the Player's incompetence to complete the mission successfully.

Hyun-Jun Park is generally found in either the upper floor of Side 2 or anywhere in the lower floor mostly in the changing rooms of Side 1. Accompanied by him will be his personal guard who will most likely comply with the Officers when ordered to do so. However in the expansion, if the suspects attempt to flee after having complied they will refuse to do so again unless forced by less lethal means.

Elite Force ChangesEdit

  • The terrorists were made Insane i.e. they would be less hesitant to kill hostages when they have compelled to do so, however the guard of Hyun-Jun Park were made Polite i.e. the reverse of insanity
  • This map unlocks the Silenced Uzi.


  • St. Michael's Medical Centre is the only map in the entire game series to feature civilians that begin as declared dead or DOA's.
  • At the beginning of the mission when the team spots the television with the news reporter explicitly revealing their tactical entry, the player requests TOC to cut the cable connection to prevent the suspects from acknowledging the presence of the team in the building. Numerous such televisions have been located in the building yet very few to none of the suspects appear to be aware of the team's presence and are mostly either shocked or surprised after their first encounter. This may perhaps be an oversight on the developer's path or may have been an unimplemented feature as it may have been deemed unnecessary and would also have little of an impact.
    • If the player were to shoot the television before it completed broadcasting the news of the team's presence in the building, the player's conversation with TOC does not occur.
  • The Suspected of this mission are perhaps the only ones to bear an oddly similar appearance to the Officers. Additionally, they do not appear as an available arch-type in the Mission Maker as well.

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