Stetchkov Warehouse is the seventh mission in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate and the eighteenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. After the disastrous clash between two rival gangs including the Stetchkovs at Fresnal St. Station, an arrest warrant was issued for the arrest of the Clan's head Kiril Stecthkov.

Briefing Edit

Warehouse briefing

Okay, listen up. I know you're tired but we have one more job to do tonight. Following the incident on the subway, Judge Rainer issued an arrest warrant for Kiril Stetchkov, the head of the Stetchkov clan.

The Stetchkov's own a Warehouse on Harrington road and it's reportedly used as a place for clan members to lie low. Undercover surveillance has been watching the building for several days, and they believe Stetchkov and his brother may be there right now. He's likely been hiding out since the attempt on his life two weeks ago.

Our job is to arrest or neutralize all the Stetchkov gang members in the building and to arrest Kiril Stetchkov. With Kiril under wraps, we can restore some order to the city.

The Stetchkovs have already shown that they're willing to take it to the next level. You can expect well-armed, well equipped suspects, and since they'll be fighting on their own turf they'll be less likely to surrender.

Just one more thing. Remember; we're professionals. Check your targets, watch out for your partner and keep your eyes and ears open.

Let's get it right and get it done.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The primary entrance is essentially the main entrance into the warehouse while the secondary entrance leads to the rear hallways of the building.

This map, however, does not have any snipers most likely due to the lack of knowledge regarding the layout and structure of the warehouse.

Tactical Approach Edit

The warehouse consists of a few offices in the upper floor and an extensively large underlying storage facility. The upper floors can be cleared with ease using CS Gas since none of the suspects are equipped with gas masks. Wedging a few specific doors may significantly reduce the strain involved in securing the area, for example, the door on the upper floor opening into the external stairway may be wedged to prevent fleeing suspects coming from the storage area from reaching secure areas.

The lower storage area can be accessed from three different doorways; one that can be directly accessed above from the secondary entrance into the map; another in the lower floor close to where the clan stores its weapons; and another near what appears to be a make-shift garage where a vehicle has been parked.

Most of the suspects are very well equipped just as suggested in the briefing but are devoid of gas masks. Kiril Stetchkov will always be found in a terrible and incoherent condition idling in his makeshift bedroom in the lower floor possibly along with a few other accomplices as well. On arresting Kiril, an additional objective of arresting Todor Stetchkov, Kiril's brother, will be issued. Todor Stetchkov, on the other hand, will always be found in the tiny room adjacent to the parked vehicle in the lower storage area.

Changes in Elite Force Edit

  • The map now contains traps that can incur a penalty (-10) when triggered.
  • All of the external doors now correctly have "Make Entry" commands on them.
  • The civilians are Fearless, implying that they are less cooperative and are hesitant to comply.
  • The suspects are Polite, implying that they are less likely to kill a hostage immediately after threatening an Officer to do so.
  • The loading screen text was made consistent with other missions ("The Stetchkov Warehouse, 2770 Harrington Rd." -> "2770 Harrington Rd., The Stetchkov Warehouse").
  • Unlocks the ARWEN37 grenade launcher and the Colt Python pistol.

Trivia Edit

  • The Expansion's main menu always shows a portion of the lower storage area featuring a truck and a few other armed individuals. The main menu theme is also played during the mission.

Soundtrack Edit

Stetchkov Warehouse - Ambience Upper Levels:
Stetchkov Warehouse - Ambience Lower Levels:
Stetchkov Warehouse - Dynamic: