The Suppressed Uzi (known ingame as the Gal Submachine Gun) is a silenced submachine gun. It is frequently carried by suspects and does not bear a tactical flashlight.

In-Game Description Edit

The Uzi is a compact and reliable sub-machine gun that was developed in the early fifties in Israel, It's a staple of many Hollywood gang movies. It has a slow rate of fire and is very easy to control even when fired on full auto. This model is equipped with a suppressor making it a more stealthy choice. Despite not being a weapon used by SWAT, this weapon has been given a tactical flashlight for more tactical uses in dark environments.

Performance Edit

The Uzi is quite reliable, but suffers poor rate of fire and a small magazines, making it so that the Player might have to carry more magazines, more or less like the SG552 Commando. The slow RoF prevents the player from burning through magazines at a fast rate. In regards to CQB, this weapon excels in mobility due to its small proportions, but is eventually outpowered by other weapons like the M4A1 Carbine.

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