The Wolcott Projects is the eleventh mission in SWAT 4 and the fifteenth in SWAT: Elite Force. It is a part of the original game's career campaign preceding the Old Granite Hotel. After having successfully rescued a foreign diplomat in a rapid deployment at St. Micheal's Medical Center, the SWAT team has now been assigned the task of intercepting an arms deal exposed by undercover agent Carl Jennings that is scheduled to occur at an abandoned HUD building.

Introduction Edit

Arms briefing

OCCB (Organized Crime Control Bureau) has a job for us. They’ve been pursuing a flow of illegal arms into the city for about a year, and they’ve got something solid to move on. Our suspect is Hadeon Koshka, a Ukrainian citizen who travels to States frequently. His visits often overlap with the appearance of new Russian arms on the streets.

Tonight’s our lucky night. Undercover detective Clark Jennings has spent the last two months infiltrating Koshka’s operations. He contacted OCCB earlier today with the time and place for the meet. There’s a major deal going down today, in the abandoned tenement at 1302 Blakestone Avenue. Detective Jennings notified his contact as soon as he could, but because the notice is so short, we don’t have time to call in the ATF for this bust. Strictly speaking, arm dealing is their territory, but in this case, we’re in the right place at the right time to stop it, and they aren’t.

A bit of background; The Soviet Union maintained weapons caches and military bases in many locations. When it collapsed, many of those caches either “disappeared” or were abandoned. Arms trading, both legitimate and black market, is a significant source of income in the region, and the local governments are ambivalent about stopping it. So it’s up to us to stop these guns from reaching our streets.

The meet is at 1302 Blakestone, an abandoned HUD building. We don’t have a layout, but we do have outlines of the area, thanks to Jennings. Koshka should be in the room with the weapons cache, along with his buyer. Since there’s a lot at strike in this, we expect both groups to bring backup. Expect armed and dangerous suspects both in the building and on the grounds. Detective Jennings will be present undercover. We won’t be able to break cover safely until you’re in control of the situation, so keep your eyes out for him. Study your targets carefully, choose your gear, and get moving.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The Wolcott Projects is an abandoned complex which unlike other former missions features a navigable exterior compound while former missions often restricted movement within the objective building. As a result, both the entry points offered begin outside the main building where the team is expected to make an entry at the closest entrance into the building situated near the entry point. The entry points include one at the front yard and another extending from a side alley. A few suspects cruise the compound and may encounter the team if they happen to cross paths. Fortunately, high ground coverage will be available and therefore will alert the Player of any such suspects.

Sierra One covers demolished part of the building on Side 3 Level 1 and Sierra Two covers the room on second floor on Side 4 Level 2.

Background Edit

The Wolcott Projects Building is a two storey apartment building plus the basement. It contains two staircases and four apartments in total. However the building recently has been abandoned and was about to be demolished. The demolition works were stopped when Ukrainian citizen and his associates bought this building. There are two entrances to the building. First through main entrance and second through the basement. The whole building is in terrible condition: broken windows, garbage and broken down items everywhere, holes in the walls and dim the lights. One corner of the Wolcott Projects Building has already been demolished since the walls as well as floor and roof are destroyed. The scaffoldings, portable toilets or pipes for discharging debris indicate that the building was about to be demolished. The exterior of the Wolcott Projects Building is rather spacious but there are various garbage and derbis everywhere. The apartments in this HUD building are filled with furniture, however most of them are in terrible condition. One of the rooms on the second floor apparently has been burned since all the walls and the floor are blackened. It's also worth to mention that this building is inhabited by homeless people since there are mattresses, makeshift beds and food in one of the apartments. The basement contains several storages and heating stoves. However the basement is completely flooded.

Tactical Approach Edit

On dwelling upon the background of the mission and learning of its details, it can be inferred that such deals have been occurring oft in the past and has become a regular feat. However, the dealers involved are well-armed and equipped but are devoid of any form of armour and any sort of special protection. While factoring this it becomes advisable to carry CS Gas due to its widespread effect and the feasibility to exploit the inability of the suspected to stir up any form of protection against this non-lethal grenade.

Considering that this mission falls in the latter part of the career where the difficulty progressively increases as each mission is completed, naturally, the suspected have greater morale and skill making it reasonably hard to bring about any form of compliance from opposing individuals.

The layout of the mission is hardly linear as well, in a sense that most locations can be accessed in many different ways and this consequently forming a branched map thereby exceeding the difficulty to properly control the map. The Player is rarely given the choice to clear a single room but instead is tasked with the burden of selecting from more than one whilst being forced to efficiently secure cleared locations.

The Wolcott Projects is infamous for its second floor. Walls hardly provide cover as they are mostly destroyed and battered due to an incomplete demolition procedure that was soon cancelled. Aesthetic structures such as dysfunctional fridges, washing machines and battered furniture such as cupboards and chairs prove valuable as cover from enemy fire.

With the exception of a few, the majority of building's rooms and corridors are reasonable in size without being inconveniently huge exceeding regular proportions. This makes it, arguably, easier to utilise grenades as they can be used to their full potential.

Suspects Edit

Drawing from their equipment and appearance, the Suspected of The Wolcott Projects mostly appear as intermediaries between incompetent and professional criminals. Albeit better armed and skilled than previously encountered suspects from missions such as Qwik Fuel Convenience Store, they are not equipped with armour or any sort of special protection against specific items and projectiles. The Suspected have high morale as they should be considering that the Player has advanced this far into the Career missions.

On condensing said characteristics, they are mostly:

  • Well armed and skilled
  • Devoid of armour and gas masks (all of the Suspects)

Elite Force Changes Edit

The changes made were mostly minimal aiming to suit the higher standards of gameplay set by the mod. Minor trivial corrections were made for the sake of purity and accuracy.

  • The homeless (the only civilians to be rescued in the mission) were made Fearless assuming a more firm role in the mission where there would be more reluctant to comply with the Officers. This was perhaps done owing to the fact that they are beggars nonetheless who do not like police very much.
  • The homeless were adjusted such that they were susceptible to death if fired at by a taser. Once again perhaps owing to the fact that they are poor beggars.
  • Changes in the address of the location in order to bring about consistency between the dispatch and loading screen.

Trivia Edit

  • The Wolcott Projects bears an oddly similar map layout to that of the Department of Agriculture. In both maps, the objective building has been significantly damaged to alter and enhance gameplay. For the former, the second floor and a large majority of the building is damaged and distorted while the latter is heavily disfigured with the presence of a huge hole larger than a regular gap in a few of the floors leaving a majority of the building exposed.
  • It is the only mission alongside the Stetchkov Warehouse to feature civilians that have absolutely no connection or relation to the scheme of the mission and neither are they held hostage in reality. For the former, there are a few homeless individuals that are rarely threatened and are oblivious to the ongoing events while in the latter a few working innocent civilians that are unrelated to plot are sometimes found either in the washrooms or roaming the perimeter of the area.
  • Alike Northside Vending and Amusements, an objective is issued to the team to rescue an undercover agent present within the vicinity of the objective area. The main distinction that lies between the two missions is that Carl Jennings is rescued successfully without his cover being exposed.
  • For unknown reasons the address of this location is inaccurate. While in the briefing it is said that The Wolcott Projects is on 1302 Blakestone Avenue, the dispatch says that it is on 1210 Canopy Road.

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